Responsible Tourism

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

Travel broadens our horizons. It is a beautiful thing. It enriches lives and brings different cultures together. However, when it comes to planning for tourism, often it is only the short term financial aspects that are taken into consideration. Over time, this results in unregulated tourism. If left unchecked, it can be totally disastrous for the environment and the local communities. Africa's tourism industry is growing rapidly and BelAfrique firmly believes that those who are involved in the tourism industry and who derive benefits from tourism in Africa should take responsibility for the part they play. We each have a responsibility to ensure that Africa's tourism development grows in a sustainable, ethical way that benefits the economy, the people and the environment.

We believe passionately in responsible and sustainable tourism. Not only does this approach make the most out of the positive benefits of tourism for everyone involved, but it also gives you, our guests, and a richer and more authentic travel experience.

We choose to surround ourselves with like-minded people who share our same philosophy and therefore we choose our partners & suppliers very carefully. Together, we are all working hard to ensure that our joint operations have a long-term positive benefit on Africa's economy, her diverse people and her precious environment.

BelAfrique is an active supporter of the Together Trust and is dedicated to raising funds and support for this non-profit organisation that focuses on community upliftment. We encourage you to read more about the Together Trust and how you can get involved.

Together Trust Project 2013+ : Qomalicious


" Qomalicious" A cooking school that aims to bridge the divide by providing youth skill development and training in the township community. After graduating our learners have three options: 1. Continue studying: National Youth Chefs Training Programme 2. Start a job at one of our sponsors in the hositality industry 3. Start their own business (Devoted chapter in Syllabus)

This project aims to progress the community by providing youth development and training in the form of a cooking school that connects the community to the hospitality industry. Elements of the project include a community food and garden project, guest lectures by some of South Africa's top professional chefs and training opportunities in some of South Africa's leading hotels and restaurants.

This project will improve the lives of people within the community by exposing its youth to a career path in the hospitality industry and by providing the skills, training and mentorship required to follow this career path. The cooking school will change the lives of its students as well as the hospitality industry itself by educating and training the future chefs of South Africa!

This project also bridges the divide by connected the community to the hospitality industry and involves a high degree of skills exchange and spreading the knowledge from key plays within the hospitality industry in the form of guest lectures by some of South Africa's top chefs and internship programmes at some of South Africa's top hotels and restaurants. Further to this, it also bridges the divide by promoting cross cultural exchange by bringing different cultures together through food. For example, bringing French food to the community as much as brining African food to the hospitality industry.

For the community food and garden section of the project, our partner Green Shack will collaborate to create a beautiful space with beautiful things. This partner will also focus on the design and aesthetics of the school premises as well. The aim is to design and create a sustainable, environmentally friendly and green efficient, community upliftment space that brings the community together to support itself in a self-sufficient way. The garden project would involve the use of recycled materials and the efficient use of water and energy resources throughout the garden.