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South Africa

At the southern end of the African continent and surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans is the rainbow nation of South Africa. It is a unique country filled with diversity and breath-taking scenery. Its friendly people are from all walks of life and its stunning landscapes change from one dramatic scene to the next within a blink of an eye. This is the world in one country and has something to offer everyone from a Big 5 safari where you can come face to face with a leopard before your bush breakfast, to feasting on the best food and wine this continent has to offer in the cosmopolitan mother city of Cape Town.

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Regions of South Africa


The history of South Africa is a fascinating tale and no where is this brought more to life than on the infamous Battlefields on KwaZulu Natal. The battlegrounds of many skirmishes and wars took place here including Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift (Anglo-Zulu War) and Spionkop (Anglo-Boer War) to name a few of the great military battles. To know a country, you must first know its history and South Africa has many interesting stories to tell.

Cape Peninsula

Includes the city of Cape Town and has many highlights that are definitely worth a visit. Famous for Table Mountain National Park where you can visit Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, the penguins at Boulders Beach in Simonstown and Chapman’s Peak Drive.

Cape Town

Discover the Mother City! The V&A Waterfront is the place to be in Cape Town for your visit to Robben Island and to shop for exclusive brands. Get a tan on the beaches of Camps Bay, Bantry Bay and Clifton and take a stroll along the promenade in Sea Point and Green Point. There is so much to see and to do in Cape Town that just one visit is not enough.

Cape Winelands

Besides the scenic beauty of the Cape Winelands, the other reasons to visit the Winelands include cellar tours and wine tastings of some world renowned wines and fine dining at some of the best restaurants in South Africa. In the heart of the Cape Winelands you will find the historic towns of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl and Wellington, each with their own unique heritage and beauty.


The Drakensberg mountains stretch for over 1000 km across South Africa as well as through the Kingdom of Lesotho. But the best parts of the Drakensberg are to be found in KwaZulu Natal where it is divided into four smaller areas, each with their own character but all with spectacular mountain views. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautiful area for hiking and for discovering the many San rock paintings that make this the largest open air art gallery in the world.

Garden Route

Stretching along the south eastern coast of South Africa and named after its lush and biologically diverse flora, the Garden Route is truly a paradise. A favourite holiday destination for locals and foreigners alike, offering every manner of outdoor activities, from water sports to bungee jumping. Highlights of the Garden Route include Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Tsitsikamma.

Klein Karoo & Route 62

Drive the longest wine route in the world, Route 62, through the beautiful Klein Karoo taking in the towns of Montagu (Victorian charm), Barrydale and Calitzdorp (South African port) and Outdshoorn (the ostrich capital of the world). It is the perfect place for the adventure traveller and explorer and there are a few secret passes and ports enroute that are outstandingly beautiful. The best of which is the Swartberg Pass where you can spend a whole day driving this spectacular route. The ever changing colours of the majestic mountains, scenic passes, rivers, vineyards and orchards, as well as the multitude of attractions will offer you and unforgettable adventure.

Kruger National Park

A must visit when you spend your holiday in South Africa: Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is the place where you want to go for a safari and to spot the Big 5. The Kruger National Park is the biggest game reserve in South Africa and has approximately the same size as Wales.


After a hot and dry summer, Namaqualand shows its beauty in spectacular style during winter and spring when a kaliedescope of colour bursts forth for as far as the eye can see. It is then, during the flower season, that the endless empty plains turn into a rich carpet of flowers, a yellow, white, pink and orange sea of Mother Nature's abundance. It is a short-lived and fleeting piece of magic that has to be seen to be believed. 


Within driving distance of Cape Town lies a region of contrasts and wonder. The Overberg has rugged mountain ranges, fynbos, rolling wheat and canola fields, and splendid coastal vistas. You will find a myriad of roads into the Overberg where the land, mountains, sea and people tell their own story. The Overberg is a region that stretches along coasts with beautiful beaches, and over mountain ranges with interesting geological formations, abundant birdlife and fynbos. The roads will take you on a journey through valleys with picturesque vineyards, orchards and beautiful landscapes of green, gold and brown

Panorama Route

The spectacular Panorama Route is a not-to-be-missed sight for anyone travelling to South Africa. It is famous for its breath-taking scenery, abundant waterfalls, beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage and rich history. Take at least one full day to drive this route and take in the Three Sisters, the Blyde River Canyon (the 3rd largest in the world and 1st largest green canyon), God's Window, Bourke's Luck Potholes, Pilgrims Rest the Long Tom Pass and many other beautiful view points along the way. A great South African book to read before doing this is Jock of the Bushveld the book is set in this wonderful area.

West Coast

North of Cape Town you will find a hidden gem called the West Coast and its crowning jewel the West Coast National Park. It is the diversity of the region that attracts many tourists. Outdoor activities on the Berg River or Langebaan Lagoon, visiting the wineries and craft beer breweries in the region, or horseriding on the white sandy beaches of the little fishing villages dotted along the coast are just a few of the examples of the many things the off-the-beaten-track West Coast has to offer.

When to Travel

South Africa is a year round destination for most parts, depending on what you want to see and want to do while you are here. An example is  Kruger National Park that can be visited year round: In summer to spot baby animals and birds, in the winter for all-round game viewing. Bigger cities as Johannesburg, Cape Town (Western-Cape) and Durban are worth visiting year-round. Also the Garden Route is a year-round destination but for the perfect experience we suggest to follow the Garden Route somewhere in between February and May.

Our Bucket list of experiences in South Africa

Perfect Family Getaway

Bring the kids along on your trip to South Africa... Children will leave this place with many special memories that will last a lifetime. Most of hotels will arrange imaginative activities specifically tailored to children of all ages. Game Lodges will have special game drive vehicles for children and will be taken by their own ranger for shorter game drives, where care is taken to avoid close encounters with dangerous game. Other features of the children's program include arts and crafts, bush skills, African stories, special child-friendly food and babysitting during certain hours.

Spa getaway

The Spa Industry in South Africa has taken off.Combine your holiday with a relaxing, revitalizing visit to a health spa and experience South Africa at its finest.More and more hotels have their own health resort that offers the latest holistic health and beauty treatments and techniques designed to rejuvenate weary bodies and minds … ideal for the traveler in need of relaxation between busy days of sight-seeing.

Table Mountain and Robben Island

Table Mountain and Robben Island. Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each offering their own unique perspectives on history. One is a New Natural Wonder of the World, the other is the former home of prisoner 46664, Mr Nelson Mandela. These two significant places have intriguing stories to tell and no visit to Cape Town could be considered complete without visiting them.Table MountainYour journey will start at the Mountain, because from here you can see the entire city, and its a good idea to start with an overview. You will appreciate having a birds eye view to help shape the story. You’ll begin with a look at the ‘mother in the mountain’, from the foot of Lion’s Head, which provides lovely insight into the city, and from there you’ll ascend Table Mountain itself by cable-way. From here you can see almost to the beginning of time, as your guide maps out the city physically, and in doing so, provides a good introduction to what has happened between the physically spaces of the city, over a long period of time. You will have plenty of time up there to enjoy the elevated perspective, walk about and enjoy the good air. You can also take a short walk up to Maclears Beacon if you’d like, it’s the highest point on Table Mountain.Robben IslandThen it is on to Robben Island, known most famously for being the prison that Nelson Mandela was held in for the best part of 27 years. To visit this prison island is not only to commemorate in some way the actions and change-making decisions of leaders like Mandela, but also to see the city from a different perspective and with a changed mindset.

Balloon Safari

Ever since the first man laid eyes on a bird, he envied his feathered friend’s ability to fly. We as humans have long sought after the freedom and joy our winged friends are blessed with and hot air ballooning is one of the oldest forms of human flight that finally granted us the same access to the sky. Arguably there can be no better way to take in the landscapes and uninterrupted views of the picturesque countryside than by seemingly floating above it in a bubble. An early morning start is required but it is well worth getting out of a warm bed in the dark once you have gently lifted off the ground and are leisurely floating along with the wind as the sun makes its first appearance. As the sun grows in height, the warm rays of first light spread their arms from horizon to horizon and Mother Nature is revealed in all her magnificent beauty, bathed in the gentle glow of the morning sun. All this while animals go about their business completely oblivious to your presence above them.

Beach and Turtles

The Elephant Coast along the Indian Ocean shores of South Africa is world famous for its turtle nesting sites. Witness one of nature’s miracles on a turtle tour and gain a greater understanding of these endangered ancient mariners. Although there are a number of turtle species that patrol the warm waters of the Zululand coast, only the loggerhead and leatherback turtles breed in these waters and lay their eggs on these shores. The leatherback is the largest sea turtle and every year in summer the females, along with their cousins the loggerheads, lug their ponderous weight up the beach to lay their clutch of eggs on a moonless summer night. Research has shown that the mother will return to the same beach and lay her eggs within metres of where she herself emerged as a hatchling many years before. Come January or February, their little babies break out of the sanctuary of their eggs and make a mad dash down the beach to the relative safety of the water. To witness these tiny little creatures make the marathon journey through the gauntlet of birds and crabs and other predators joining in on the feast is a miracle of nature and an absolutely awe-inspiring experience.

Cape Town Cuisine Route

Discover the Mother City through its food!Have you ever heard of snoek? Injeera? Koeksusters? Daaltjies? Ulusu? Umngquhso? These are just some of the food Cape Town has to offer. With the incredible diversity of people in the city, you can just imagine the kind of diversity of foods it has!The Cape Town Cuisine Route will give you a chance to explore the city through food. And its a great (and delicious) lens from which to view a place!.Sample the flavours and stories behind several of the different cultural foods of the city, including Cape Malay, isiXhosa, Afrikaans and pan-African foods. You will get into local kitchens and hard to find eateries that you would not have access to otherwise.Take a short spice tour in the BoKaap or Salt River, following the routes of the people that arrived here from the East many generations ago. Follow those spices into some of the Cape Malay foods, such as samoosas, daaltjies and the wonderfully sweet and spicy koeksusters. Why not also sample a little bit of curry?Then it is on to Langa or Guguletu to experience the diversity of township cuisine, including steam bread, chakalaka, umngqusho, amagwenya and nyama, and the chisa nyama or hot meat bar culture.If you would like to dive deeper into the food culture of Cape Town, then there is also the option of experiencing a cooking workshop to explore the Pan-African element of township cuisine. Together with your cooking hosts, you will explore Langa or Guguletu to purchase ingredients, before learning in the host’s home kitchen how to make the food. It’s a deep cultural experience, about making both food and friends.

Cape Town Fashion Route

Cape Town is a fashion city to its core. It has a rich history of bespoke tailoring and dressmaking. Everybody’s auntie was a seamstress, and everybody’s uncle ran a fabric wholesaler. This has always been a city of elegant eccentricity. To this day, old school tailors exist all over the city, and, while the bespoke suit is not as in vogue as it once was in the city, a whole new generation of design ideas and innovations make Cape Town something of a fashion capital in Africa.Today cosmopolitan Cape Town has so many designers. You would be surprised at just how many there are in Cape Town, some are household names, some are working out of households. And the level of innovation and surprise is really high.There’s Greer Valley’s Kushn, blending Kente fabrics and local leather into the most beautiful accessories for tech devices. The Movement in Observatory must have the world’s only corridor fashion boutique, in a gracious Victorian semi. Olive Green Cat is blending amber, resin and diamonds into exquisite un-bling jewellery.The Cape Town Fashion Route takes you deep inside the city’s fashion world, meeting designers in their studios and boutiques. The tour is about the stories of Cape Town’s Fashion world. It is a tour suitable for anyone with an interest in fashion, from the high couture fan to the street fashion fan.

Bungee Jumping

Certainly not for the faint-hearted or for those with a crippling fear of heights! Located half way between the verdant greens of the Garden Route and the rich Eastern Cape safari reserves, you will drive over a modern marvel of engineering, a bridge that spans a gorge 216m from the ground. Many years ago, with true South African spirit and a sense of adventure, a company realised the potential of this bridge and set about creating the world’s highest commercial bungy jump. With decades of experience and a 100% safety record, you will be in good hands as you plummet off the side of the bridge in what could potentially be the most terrifying and equally thrilling few minutes of your life.

Cape Town Jazz Safari

Cape Town is an incredibly musical city. This is the city where music is at its most creative in South Africa, something which is due partly to the natural environment it has, which encourages creativity, but mainly it is because of the history of the city and the diversity of people and cultures and sounds that have ended up here.On this special music journey you will travel deep inside the jazz music of the city, by visiting local jazz musicians in their homes.Part one is a visit to the home of a jazz musician for dinner, with music and conversation, and part two is a visit either to the home of a second musician for a nightcap, or to a jazz venue for the late set.The experience is intimate and deep, full of music and engagement and fun. It is a unique opportunity to meet local musicians away from club stages, and an excellent way to discover more about Cape Town and the lives of the people who live in it – through the music.Your hosts will include Cape Town musicians young and old, all of them composers and performers. These are the musicians defining the sound of the city.

Descendants of your Ancestors

Long before modern man was trapped behind his desk living a stressful life in a polluted, crowded city, he wondered freely across the plains of Africa with only a bow and arrow for protection against the beasts of the wild.Where nowadays, you need to know your way around a computer to survive in a modern world, there was once a time where your very survival depended on your knowledge of the natural elements, how to hunt with primitive weapons and your skill in exploiting every aspect of your harsh environment.While most of this ancient way of life has vanished throughout the world, swallowed up and demolished by the machinery of modern life, there are still small pockets of populations around the world that still live in this very traditional way.One of these rare communities of indigenous people can be found in the far northern reaches of South Africa. The Bushman of the Kalahari Desert still live a wild life that is far removed from the urban life we now live and BelAfrique offers a rare and unique opportunity for you to experience the culture and traditions of these ancient people in a truly authentic way.What you will get out of this experience is a deeper knowledge about and greater appreciation of the skill and intelligence of this ancient race of people. From their food and music, their stories and language, their culture and traditions… they have a wealth of knowledge, know-how and skills that are almost entirely lost in this modern era.

Extreme 19th Hole

Accessible only by helicopter, with the tee set 400m up on the majestic Hanglip Mountain and played to a green in the shape of Africa some 400m below, the Extreme 19th is a golf hole unlike any other this world has ever seen. Few holes in the history of golf have generated as much interest, nor has a hole-in-one been more keenly desired than here at the Extreme 19th. And it is not surprising when you consider that the prize money for hitting a hole-in-one from the Extreme 19th is no less than $1 million! Golfing superstars as well as celebrities from across the world of sport and entertainment have all tried their hand at this, the longest par 3 in the world and none have emerged victorious. Take up the challenge and claim your spot on the leadership board. And after a round of golf on the signature 18 hole golf course, you can also experience the African bush on a safari in a 22,000 hectare safari conservancy where the Big 5 roam wild and free. Hundreds of species of animals, plants, birds, reptiles and amphibians are just a game drive away.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible tourism in southern Africa and beyond.  The aim of FTT is to make tourism more sustainable by ensuring that the people who contribute their land, resources, labour and knowledge to tourism are the ones who reap the benefits.  This is done by growing awareness about responsible tourism to travellers; assisting tourism businesses to operate more sustainably; and by facilitating a Fair Trade Tourism certification programme across southern Africa.
Tourism businesses that adhere to the FTT standard use the FTT label as a way of signifying their commitment to fair and responsible tourism. This includes fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing and operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and the environment.

Historical Tour

The Zulu War of 1879 is famous throughout the English-speaking world for the great battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. By spending some time in this area you will hear in gripping detail the background of the Anglo-Zulu War. Children are also very welcome to experience this interactive tour. Shorter, more interactive tours led by a guide will engage and inspire the children with stories of the bravery and courage of the British soldiers and Zulu Warriors. They will also discover the traditional medicinal uses of the flora and fauna of the region and will learn a bit more about the Zulu’s way of life. They will even learn how Zulus brush their teeth!

Kids Safari

Bring the kids along on your trip to South Africa… Children will leave this place with many special memories that will last a lifetime. Most of hotels will arrange imaginative activities specifically tailored to children of all ages. Game Lodges will have special game drive vehicles for children and will be taken by their own ranger for shorter game drives, where care is taken to avoid close encounters with dangerous game. Other features of the children’s program include arts and crafts, bush skills, African stories, special child-friendly food and babysitting during certain hours

Lucky Fish Productions

Lucky Fish Productions was founded by Platon Trakoshis (Isabelle Dechamps's husband)  in January 2009 and has been running successfully ever since.Lucky Fish produces and provides production service of commercials, feature films, documentaries and corporate videos in the Southern African region. Platon has been working in the film industry for the last 17 years and was a Co-owner of Big World Cinema for 12 years. During this time he has accumulated vast experience in all genres of film making. LFP recently produced two commercials with Belgian director, Gil Bauwens.Lucky Fish has just completed producing 7 corporate videos for General Motors. Platon recently produced the feature film Visa/Vie. They are also producing the documentary The Last Resort which is getting closer to completion.

Luxury Rail

Hop on board the most luxurious train in the world and recapture the romance of a bygone era. Travel Africa in style and evoke the glamour and excitement of the golden age of rail travel. Take a unique train safari through the heart of Africa where you will experience the opulent elegance and Victorian charm of this iconic train. Step aboard these beautifully rebuilt trains and enjoy accommodation of the highest standard, excellent service and fine cuisine in five-star luxury as a myriad of landscapes dance past the windows. Train journeys can last from 2 days up to 1 month and often include many off board activities en route. The most popular journey is to travel from Cape Town to Pretoria with the option of continuing up to Victoria Falls. An unforgettable journey of a life time and one to add to your wish list indeed!

Photographic Safari

We would love you to join on one of the Photographic Safaris in the Kruger area. This experience promises a lifetime of special memories and unforgettable photographic moments. You will be with professional photographers who will ensure that you benefit from one on one instruction on everything from how to achieve the best position for the ultimate wildlife shot to professional tips on image editing.What also set the Photographic Safari apart from any other safari is the vehicle with specially designed seats and control arms. You will be able to rotate 180 degrees without lifting yourself from the seat. The vehicle has also been designed in such way that four photographers can capture the same image at one time.

Rhino Tracking

Fewer than 5 000 black rhino exist in the world and every sighting of one of these prehistoric looking animals is a special experience, even for the guides who have seen the animals many times. Hundreds of South African Game Reserves are protecting the few rhinos still left in their natural habitat and some of them offer a unique amazing Rhino tracking experience on foot and per 4×4. For successful rhino tracking, you’ll need to know the basics of animal behavior as well as the tracks and signs they leave behind. Are you ready for this unforgettable experience?

Rootz Reggae Route

This is a visit you would not be able to make anywhere else in the world!Reggae has deep roots in Cape Town. It has been the music of political dissent. It has been the music of party-going pleasure. The songs of icons like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh still resonate strongly with the struggles. The writings of Marcus Garvey continue to provide inspiration.The community of Marcus Garvey (the area is named after the great writer and thinker Marcus Garvey) is a Rastafarian community located in Cape Town, South Africa. Every Friday night is Dancehall night in Marcus Garvey, and Rastafarian communities from all over Cape Town come together for a classic late night reggae dance session. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced before, unless you were around in Kingston in the 70s. It is easy going and easily the best party on a Friday night in Cape Town.On a Friday night journey, you will discover more about reggae and Rastafarian culture in Cape Town. You will meet a reggae storyteller who will recount stories about reggae while sharing some Ital Rastafarian snacks. Often you will get to meet a Rastafarian called Alan, who lived in Jamaica at the time that reggae was becoming a worldwide phenomenon. He knew all the pioneering figures, and is full of stories of the characters behind the music. When Alan is not available, you will get to meet a local reggae artist instead.This will give you a taste of Rastafarian life in Cape Town, but then it is time to experience it for yourself. From here you will move across the city to the Marcus Garvey dancehall in Philippi.  Before entering the Dancehall, you will meet some of the elders of the Marcus Garvey community, who will provide you with a little bit of background to the area and the dancehall, and some insight into Rasta as a form of expression.After the dancehall session, you will return to your accommodation, having danced, eaten, listened and taken in a deep breath of reggae in Cape Town, South Africa.

4 Different safari experiences in 1 go

Do you feel like a combination of different activities while you are in the bush? BelAfrique has found a very unique place that is one of the very few 5 star lodges in South Africa to offer Kariba-like water based safari activities, both motorized and canoeing. You can do the more conventional safari activities like game drives and bush walks. Birding possibilities are sublime and they even have a ‘secret hide’ close to the lodge that offers the perfect setting for photographers and birders. Or you could indulge in a bit of “Elephanting”, or rather an elephant research safari. This place also offers a superb Black Rhino Tracking Experience with an excellent chance of viewing Black Rhino on foot. You could try your hand at fishing and try to catch a Tiger Fish or two. The Safari Lodge captures the history and romance of a bygone era. The deep verandah, sweeping views and tranquil setting provide the venue for a unique African experience. Eight luxurious safari tents, each with romantic ball and claw bath, outdoor canvas shower and private veranda provide an evocative safari in the Pongola Game Reserve Wilderness. Otherwise, the Bush Camp is an ideal self catering escape from the busy, hurried world for families and friends. Seven spacious thatched en-suite chalets with quality linen and overhead fans, open plan kitchen, dining room, bar and swimming pool with spectacular views ensure a “close to nature” relaxed ambiance. Given its unique setting, the number of activities on offer and the quality of the accommodation, this place is a very special South African safari offering.

Cape Town Beer Route

The Cape Town Beer Route is a rich half-day journey through Cape Town beer culture and stories, from traditional South African beer brewing history and techniques, through emerging craft beer culture right through to mainstream beer production on a mega-scale.Beer was originally brewed by women, and they were revered for this skill. And so it is befitting to start your tour by visiting a woman who brews traditional African beer, at home, in the ancient handmade way. You will get to see the process, and taste in the traditional way. You will learn about the cultural role of beer in South African society.Then you will move on to the Newlands Brewery, the oldest commercial brewery in South Africa. Explore brewing history and style in the original buildings, before touring the modern production line. You will end this part of the experience with a tasting of the brewery’s beers, which are some of South Africa’s favourites.To round off, you will focus on craft beer or micro-brewed beers. There has been an explosion in the last few years in craft beer, and it seems like there is a new micro-brewery opening up every month. Cape Town is leading South Africa in craft beer production, and for this part of the journey you will visit Cape Town’s craft beer headquarters, the Banana Jam Cafe, to taste and discover Cape Town’s craft beers. Taste beers like the Bonecrusher and Black Mist and hear their stories.When you turn home for the day, you will have sipped, swallowed and celebrated the city’s rich and flavoursome beers and the interesting stories behind them.

African destination wedding

There can hardly be a better backdrop to a romantic destination wedding than Africa. With its beauty, diversity, abundance and character, Africa is a continent bursting with a variety of perfect wedding venues. Be it an intimate picnic lunch on an award winning wine farm in the Cape Winelands, a secluded cliff top retreat with dramatic views over the ocean or an exclusive safari lodge in the heart of the African bush, there are so many unique places to choose from for your cherished day. Whether you are looking for a private affair where just the two of you exchange barefoot vows on a deserted island beach or whether it is a much grander occasion for a number of people, BelAfrique is able to offer you bespoke wedding and travel planning for your dream African destination wedding. Let us take the stress out of organising a destination wedding in a foreign country so that you can make the most of this special time in your life. We are with you every step of the way, from helping you find the ideal wedding venue, to handling all of your guest’s travel plans and then the perfect honeymoon afterwards. With our extensive knowledge and travel experience, let BelAfrique be your personal wedding and travel planner for your dream African destination wedding

In the Heart of the Bush camping

The African bush is one of those places where you can feel its magic and beauty in your soul. And its alluring pull will tug at your heart even more so at night when it reveals its true power and mystery. What better way to experience the call of the wild than to spend the night in the heart of the African bush in the ultimate bush bedroom? A tree house room is a totally secure and lavish platform out in the open under the African stars, with all the comforts that you can expect from a five star safari lodge. You will be taken to your private and exclusive tree house at sunset, where drinks and a delightful picnic dinner await you. The hours of African dusk can be enjoyed relaxing and absorbing the vastness of the bushveld as it transforms from day to night, before turning in for slumber beneath the vast and incredible night sky. Your will spend the night completely immersed in the sounds of the bush from the roar of a pride of lions to the haunting cry of the hyena, taking it all in from the safety and comfort of your very own private kingdom in the heart of the African bush.

Cape Fur Seals

Known as the “dog of the ocean”, the Cape Fur Seal is a fascinating marine mammal that is a very curious creature. It is playful enough to approach divers and will often put on a display of underwater “hydrobatics”. It likes to play a game of “chicken” and makes mock charges at divers before swerving away at the last moment.Cape Fur Seals live in colonies which can range from a few hundred individuals, such as the one at Partridge Point, to huge colonies that can number in the tens of thousands, such as the ones at Seal Island in False Bay or Duiker Island off the Sentinel in Hout Bay.It can be lots of fun to dive or snorkel with the seals, as they often loll at the surface, warming their flippers in the sun or congregating in groups waiting to head out to sea to hunt for fish. They also make great photographic subjects – if you are quick enough!

Interact with Meerkats

There are only a few places in Southern Africa where you can interact with a colony of Meerkats. One of the best places for this is in the Makgadikgadi in Botswana. Years of research have gone in to this Meerkat project in this place and the experience is really something to like no other. Some of the Meerkats in this area have become so used to people that they have become habituated and relaxed, so much so that they actually sit in people's laps and even climb on top of their heads for an excellent viewing platform.

There is another Meerkat experience in South Africa that is more accessible and is a great option for those travelling along the Garden Route.

A Meerkat experience requires an early morning start, but it is quite an adorable and special event. 

!Khwa ttu San Culture Route

If you have ever had an interest in indigenous cultures, then here is a good place to go to get a taste of it.Just an hour out of Cape Town, up the West Coast of South Africa, lies !Khwa ttu, a San Culture and Education Centre. This is a beautifully assembled and progressive project, celebrating ancient indigenous San traditions in a contemporary and relevant fashion.On this journey, you will get to enjoy deep insight into how ancient culture is relevant today, receive a short lesson in the clicks of the San languages, and a guided tour of the estate, which is slowly being setup as a game estate. Enjoy a meal at the estate’s restaurant, which serves up exquisite interpretations on classic indigenous dishes, with freshly baked farm bread.Your experience in a bit more detail:After a friendly welcome the !Khwa ttu San guides will introduce you to the history of !Khwa ttu. Your hosts will also provide you with an overview of the various activities which you will be able to enjoy in direct interaction with them.Board an open trailerTake pleasure in a slow drive on the open trailer through the hilly landscape of !Khwa ttu. The 850ha nature reserve is home to both hundreds of plant species of the indigenous fynbos flora and a wide array of indigenous fauna. As you drive up and down the hills the San guides will point out some of the many game species such as Eland, Zebra, Oryx, Bontebok and Springbok. You will be privileged to hear some of the stories about animals which form an important part of the vast San oral history.Walk the nature trailsLeave the vehicle behind and follow your guides on an easy nature walk. You will be surprised by the wealth of knowledge the San will share with you about hunting, gathering and tracking. The guides’ demonstration of both setting a traditional bird snare and storing water in ostrich eggs, as well as in-depth information about the use of specific plants will enrich you with significant insights in traditional practices which are often still part of the San’s lives.Visit the replica traditional San villageLearn more about San hunting traditions by observing the use of tools such as bows and arrows. The unique skills of San women will captivate you when they produce ostrich eggshell jewellery and also demonstrate the usage of digging sticks and gathering bags. You will have the unique opportunity to try shooting an arrow and igniting a fire with sticks under the guidance of experienced San. You will be truly amazed as to how many skills one has to co-ordinate in order to be successful. The visit will be rounded off by the guides’ description of some extraordinary aspects of the San’s social life such as the healing power of the trance dance and the traditional egalitarian society. These authentic accounts of San culture will create an unforgettable impression.Enjoy a refreshing drink at the Boma Your journey will continue when your San hosts will accompany you to the beautifully designed Boma, constructed of natural materials. Nestled at the highest point in the landscape of !Khwa ttu, you will experience breathtaking views of Table Mountain to the south and the Langebaan Lagoon to the north. Be captivated by the the guide’s introduction to some of the San languages. Observe the orthography of the languages and have fun in learning to pronounce the clicks and tones of words.View the display at the gallery and watch a film at the audio-visual theatre.At the end of the tour the guides will familiarize you with the exhibition entitled “The San and the camera”. The artistic and informative display consists of eye-opening quotes, realistic life stories and explanatory texts, as well as historic and contemporary photographs. Issues close to the hearts of the San of southern Africa are the centerpiece of the presentation.They refer to dispossession of land and natural resources, the experience of war, the effect of social challenges, the importance of culturally appropriate education and training as well as success stories in development. The thought-provoking and moving exhibition will have a lasting impression on you.

Elephant Interaction

For those seeking a unique and memorable wildlife encounter, an Elephant Interaction is an exciting and touching experience not to be missed. This experience, for both young and old, will give you a chance to learn all about the elephants and watch them interact naturally as well as actually ride them in the wild. It is possible to see other wildlife whilst on the elephants, but the focus tends to be on the unique elephant experience.

Horse Back Riding

With its gentle pace and close proximity to nature, a horse back safari is another excellent option for experiencing the African bush. This unique experience combines the pleasure of riding with the adventure of an African safari, giving you close access to the scenery and wildlife of the African bush. Wild animals are less afraid of the shape and smell of a horse and therefore grant them (and you on top of them) much closer quarters than you would normally achieve in a game vehicle. Imagine riding alongside a herd of giraffe or in the middle of a herd of impala or wildebeest. No matter your level of skill, this option is open to both beginners and advanced riders as you will be assigned a well-trained horse to suit your level. Here, horse and rider become one with the environment and horse-lovers and first timers alike should not miss this unique opportunity.

Fly fishing

Something that is quite unique to BelAfrique is that we have our very own fly fishing expert!We have fly-fishing options in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Zambia.When it comes to fishing, the Lower Zambezi is home to the tiger fish, nicknamed the “water dog,” whose sharp teeth are matched only by its fighting spirit and reputation as one of the world’s top game fish.We offer you the chance to head out into the river in search of this formidable combatant, operating a strict catch-and-release policy in order to preserve stocks of this incredible fish.Alternatively, you can try your hand at bream fishing, where a limited catch can be brought back to camp and served up with a delicious lemon butter sauce.BelAfrique has found a unique spot near the Lower Zambezi where an exclusive, private bush camp has been purpose-built on an incredibly beautiful island in the river. Imagine your own personal fly fishing experience on your own exclusive private island!This Island Bush Camp can accommodate up to 6 guests in 3 bush rooms, each with en-suite facilities. Pop us an email for more info on this mysterious, exclusive, once in a life time experience…You could also do a 2 to 5 day canoe safari along the Lower Zambezi.Fishing can be combined with other game activities and all equipment is provided, with both conventional tackle and entry level fly rods available. We recommend serious fly fisherman should bring their own tackle. Please contact us for specifications and recommendations.As initially mentioned we have our own fly fishing experts so BelAfrique offers a whole range of possibilities: fly fishing on one of the mountain rivers of the Western Cape, in the valleys of Lesotho, on the banks of the Zambezi and Okavango….you name it we do it.


If you are a "Yarnie",  you must have noticed, the moment you discover someone is into yarn, you immediately consider them as friends?

Have you got a strong desire to visit all the local yarn shops, always been curious about how to dye your own yarn, wondered how on earth a spindle works. Do you have an urge to speak to like-minded people & meet your favourite designers whilst getting personal & valuable tips & tricks on improving your craft?

Well, then this 4 days/3 nights retreat is for you. We will be based at the beachfront. It’s a simple but very clean and ideal house for our purpose. From here we have a 14-seater vehicle at our disposal to drive us to our workshops and visits for the whole stay. 3 breakfasts, 4 Lunches and 3 Dinners included. Drinks Not included unless otherwise mentioned.

Day 1: Monday, 15 November 2021

Meet & greet at 10h at the Imhoff Farm

Short visit Pure Touch Upliftment programme 

"Check-in" to our Home from home

Lunch at the house

Exclusive shopping at Natural Yarns where Gina will be hosting us exclusively  in her amazing shop

Relax, walk on the beach

Sunset drink on the beach (drinks not included)

Dinner at the house

Overnight @ The Beach House

Day 2: Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Breakfast + divide the group into 2 smaller groups of 2 x 5

“Let’s go for a Spin” half-day workshop (Min 4 Max 6 people)

Group 1: transfer to Rosebank for morning Drop Spindle Course:


  • Tea, coffee, biscuits & water, juice.
  • Spinning tuition and use of studio and its equipment.
  • Tuition includes fleece basics, how to spin on a drop spindle.
  • Goodie Box: A spindle; rolags, merino tops, colour tops.
  • Relevant notes.
  • Two-course lunch at the Hussar Restaurant (in walking distance from the studio.) includes drinks.

What will you learn: Introduction to spinning.

  • Fleece explained. Worsted and Wool creation explained.
  • What is a thread/yarn and how it is made (focus on wool)
  • Using washed fleece, carding it to make rolags.
  • Showing how fleece tops are made.
  • Starting to spin using a drop spindle.
  • How to make a two-ply yarn.
  • Make a skein from your yarn.
  • Labelling your yarn.

Group 2: stay at home for some relaxing

Group 2 will meet Group 1 for lunch and will swop activities in the afternoon

Return to Homestay

Overnight @ The Beach House

Day 3; Wednesday 17 November 2021

Breakfast and transfer to Stellenbosch

“To Dye For” - Full day workshop (Min 7/Max 12 people)

  • Coffee on arrival
  • Botanical Dye Talk & mordanting demonstration*
  • Foraging
  • Create Speckle Dye Skein (100g) & Steam
  • Delicious Lunch with fine wine whilst skeins steam
  • Natural Dyeing continued - mini-Skeins** (5 x 20g skeins)
  • 4.30ish/5 pm Coffee and Cake

What’s included:

  • 200g mordanted Wool: 1 x 100g skein plus 5 x 20g skeins per person**(Mostly Alum mordant)
  • Tuition & notes, use of studio & equipment. Use of aprons (not for taking home), a small gift, fynbos & garden foraging.
  • Morning coffee with a small nibble, lunch with wine, afternoon coffee/tea & cake, a snack station available throughout the day (fruit & rusks)

Transfer back to our Homestay

Farewell dinner

Overnight @ The Beach House

Day 4: Thursday, 18 November 2021


Transfer to Cape Town for a Woodstock Street art tour.

Cape Town has become one of the international hotspots for Street Art

It’s a huge open-air gallery where you will meet the locals, see the Murals, get to know the history & some of the hidden gems & get to know the streets of Cape Town & in particular in Woodstock & Salt River. In Collaboration with Baz-Art creator of The IPAF2021 Festival.

Drive to Kirstenbosch and lunch at the Tea Room (entrance fee, meal and 2 cooldrinks incl)

-FIN -


Because this is a very last-minute deal, we were able to negotiate a very special rate 

15 -18 Nov 2021 (4 days/3 nights) - Price per person in ensuite room: R 10.600, - ( = R 3.000,- DISCOUNT!!!)

Inclusions: (*** we still need to confirm these services)

  • Transport 14-seater for 4 days 8-18h
  • Accommodation at a beach house for 3 nights.
  • Meals: 3 x Breakfast, 4 x lunch and 3 x dinner.
  • Tour leader and GUEST DESIGNER available for tip & trick & Awesome chats for the entire stay
  • Visit Knitting Upliftment programme (To be confirmed)***
  • Exclusive shopping @Natural Yarns,  privately hosted by Gina the owner of the shop
  • Half a day Spinning workshop with a goodie bag (inclusions see programme)
  • Full day Dyeing workshop with a goodie bag (inclusions see programme)
  • 2h Street Art experience in Woodstock


  • Transport to and from. (Flights and transfers can be arranged at additional costs)
  • Drinks (bring your own favourite drink, wine, gin, tea, coffee, cocktail mixtures...)
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance (Can be arranged at additional cost)

Our Itineraries in South Africa

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