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Sheer and magnificent mountains. Blanket clad horsemen wearing woven pointed hats sitting astride their stocky steeds. The wild and untamed raw beauty of a rural land untouched by the passage of time. This is the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho! A separate and independent country with the unusual distinction of being entirely surrounded by another country (South Africa), Lesotho is a land of mesmerising wild beauty, with towering mountains, meandering rivers and rolling valleys. The country is home to the Basotho people, a tough, resilient tribe who are still very much in connection with their rural and pastoral cultural traditions. During your visit to Lesotho, do not miss this opportunity to feel like you are on top of the world by taking a pony trek through this magical and mystical land atop magnificent mountains.

Regions of Lesotho

When to Travel

There is no bad time to visit Lesotho. Temperatures during summer, from October to April, range between 18 and 30 degrees, which is an ideal temperature for those who like to go hiking. However, this is also the period with the heaviest rain fall. The winters in Lesotho, from May to September, can be quite cold with a high chance of snow. This is a great time to go skiing in Lesotho, one of the very few places in Africa where you can do this. However, you should take caution with other outdoor activities around this time due to the highly changeable weather conditions in winter.

Our Bucket list of experiences in Lesotho

Pony Trekking

No visit to Lesotho would be complete without taking part in a pony trek. These tenacious mounts are the vehicle of choice for most Basotho people as the strong and sturdy Lesotho ponies can handle the narrow and rough mountainous terrain far better than any 4X4 can. Your destination is at around 6,500 ft above sea level in the aptly named Valley of Paradise, so you will feel like you are on top of the world as you steadily stride past waterfalls and through gorges that boast ancient rock art sites. Slow down and experience the tranquil pace of rural life as you pass by Basotho villages and shepherds with their cattle, sheep and goats out grazing on the land.

Fly fishing

Something that is quite unique to BelAfrique is that we have our very own fly fishing expert!We have fly-fishing options in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Zambia.When it comes to fishing, the Lower Zambezi is home to the tiger fish, nicknamed the “water dog,” whose sharp teeth are matched only by its fighting spirit and reputation as one of the world’s top game fish.We offer you the chance to head out into the river in search of this formidable combatant, operating a strict catch-and-release policy in order to preserve stocks of this incredible fish.Alternatively, you can try your hand at bream fishing, where a limited catch can be brought back to camp and served up with a delicious lemon butter sauce.BelAfrique has found a unique spot near the Lower Zambezi where an exclusive, private bush camp has been purpose-built on an incredibly beautiful island in the river. Imagine your own personal fly fishing experience on your own exclusive private island!This Island Bush Camp can accommodate up to 6 guests in 3 bush rooms, each with en-suite facilities. Pop us an email for more info on this mysterious, exclusive, once in a life time experience…You could also do a 2 to 5 day canoe safari along the Lower Zambezi.Fishing can be combined with other game activities and all equipment is provided, with both conventional tackle and entry level fly rods available. We recommend serious fly fisherman should bring their own tackle. Please contact us for specifications and recommendations.As initially mentioned we have our own fly fishing experts so BelAfrique offers a whole range of possibilities: fly fishing on one of the mountain rivers of the Western Cape, in the valleys of Lesotho, on the banks of the Zambezi and Okavango….you name it we do it.