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Hereunder you'll find the most important rules to take note of BelAfrique and "Traveler's Name" have agreed that for the consideration described herein, BelAfrique will provide and "Traveler's Name" will purchase materials and services described in the attachments for the Itinerary described or referred to herein (the "Itinerary") on the following conditions:

Services: BelAfrique shall perform services listed. Services will be limited to those outlined, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Validity: Prices quoted are valid for thirty (30) days from the date submitted unless otherwise specified.

Prices: Payment and consideration to BelAfrique for services described herein shall be in accordance with prices listed herein, subject to terms and conditions hereof: Prices stated herein have been quoted by Itineraries with respect to the Itinerary described herein and shall not bind BelAfrique with respect to any other Itinerary. Prices are subject to compliance with timelines outlined. Prices have been based on the specified number of people and travel dates shown on this letter of agreement, and will be adjusted accordingly if the number of participants and/or dates change. The quoted land prices for this Itinerary are based on negotiated tariffs and applicable taxes. In the event that these rates are revised by BelAfrique's suppliers (transportation, carriers, hotels, guides, sightseeing contractors, etc.) or destination government prior to the operation of this Itinerary, BelAfrique will notify of any necessary price deviations.

BelAfrique's services are labelled in specific currencies being the South African Rand (ZAR), the Euro (€) or the US Dollar ($) applicable to the destination of travel or the type of services to be provided. The different parts of the budgets will be invoiced in their respective applicable currencies and payment should be received as such. [On Itineraries to foreign destinations, the pricing has been calculated on a specific currency exchange rate (listed on the attached budget spread sheet), which may change prior to travel dates. As a result, BelAfrique will notify of any necessary price revisions. Note that only average exchange rates will be applied. BelAfrique can also offer the benefit of advance purchase options on currencies.

Itinerary revisions: requests for revisions to services, if accepted by BelAfrique, will be confirmed to "Traveler's Name", with applicable prices. Such revisions to services and applicable prices shall automatically amend the original confirmation for this Itinerary.

Payment terms: Payment for services shall be according to the specific schedule outlined in this agreement, if any, otherwise:An initial payment invoice of 30% of the global budget (including BelAfrique's management fee) will accompany the letter of intent.An Interim payment invoice for another 40% of the global budget (including BelAfrique's management fee) will be issued when required to meet deposit and/or set-up requirements, or at the latest three month before departure. You will be invoiced for 100% of the estimated land arrangements and 100% of the estimated air and charter arrangements, incorporating any/all content changes, approximately thirty days prior to travel dates, less previous payment.

Any additional supplier payments required, and/or separate airfare guarantee payments required, will be invoiced to on an as needed basis to hold supplier services. Following Itinerary operation, an invoice for added (extra billing) on-site services will be issued.The balance of the Itinerary charges, including additional charges authorised by your designated representative during the Itinerary and applicable service charges, will be invoiced within a week after Itinerary completion.

Separate air fare guarantee or block space payments will be refunded by BelAfrique after BelAfrique receipt from air carrier(s) following Itinerary operation, based on actual utilisation, less any air carrier imposed cancellation charges.Invoices are payable upon receipt or upon due date.

Amount over fifteen (15) days past due date will bear interest at the rate of fifteen percent (15%) per annum, or highest-rate permitted by South African law, whichever is less.

Transportation: Costs have been based on air fares currently in effect or, if specified herein, on air fares guaranteed with the appropriate additional payments. BelAfrique will route participants based on "Traveler's Name" specifications (designated gateways cities, origination and termination points, number or type of aircraft, etc.) or convenient cost-effective arrangements in line with accepted industry standards. The airline may assess a service charge for prepaid tickets processed for local airport pickup. These charges will be assessed to "Traveler's Name" or "Traveler's Name's" participants in situations where last-minute additions/changes occur resulting in insufficient time to mail tickets to participants. There may also be a service charge assessed by the airlines for any partial or full refund of a special fare ticket. Charges for international airline tickets may be even higher depending on the special fare utilised. These charges will be subtracted from the refund credit due. Also, where BelAfrique is required to apply for credit on lost ticket as reported to BelAfrique, there will be a ZAR 300 per transaction charge. These charges will also be subtracted from the credits BelAfrique forwards after the 120-day processing period usually required for lost ticket application.

Extra service: During the Itinerary, BelAfrique tour director may supply additional items and services authorised by "Traveler's Name's" representative. These added items and services will be described on extra expense authorisation forms, which may be approved by "Traveler's Name's" representative on-site. Copies of these authorisations will be supplied to "Traveler's Name" as part of BelAfrique's final billing which will include BelAfrique's service charge.

Participant name list: To assist BelAfrique in providing "Traveler's Name" with convenient air routings via the class of service "Traveler's Name" has requested and allow BelAfrique to make timely mailing of pre-trip materials, it will be necessary for BelAfrique to receive complete name list including participants names and complete mailing address no later than 30 days prior to travel dates.

In the event that the names of trip participants are not received by the due date, will be charged for any resulting programming, out-of-pocket expenses, and personnel time. Further possible cancellation by the airlines of the space BelAfrique is holding could result in increased transportation costs due to the necessity of rerouting guests via alternate routings or classes of service.

Registration requiring completion of enrolment forms by BelAfrique personnel based on telephone conversations or mailed forms will be assessed an additional participant service fee as will be any other mailing or communication services requested by "Traveler's Name".

Pre-trip materials: To assist BelAfrique in providing quality pre-trip materials and timely mailing (14 days prior to travel dates), it will be necessary for BelAfrique to receive approval of all materials and copy for all materials at least 30 days prior to travel dates. In the event that approval is not received by this date, any additional programming costs incurred will be invoiced to "Travelers's Name".

Cancellation of Itinerary: In the event that this Itinerary should be cancelled or re-scheduled for any reason, in whole or in part, or should the destination or site be changed by "Traveler's Name", BelAfrique will invoice according to conditions mentioned in the contract. It is understood that the agency "Traveler's Name" is responsible to enforce these conditions to its own client.

Insurance: BelAfrique makes it compulsory that all participants to the Itinerary be covered by an appropriate travel insurance. It is however "Traveler's Name's" choice to take out their own insurance as opposed to the package offered by BelAfrique. Should this be the case, "Traveler's Name" will provide BelAfrique with a copy of the insurance cover subscribed to including the emergency contact numbers as well as a full outline of the schedule of benefits. This insurance should include the following minimum requirements: emergency medical expenses and assistance service, medical repatriation and transportation, as well as burial, cremation or return of medical remains. BelAfrique recommends "Traveler's Name" to consider extending the insurance to include additional benefits such as cancellation or curtailment, personal accident insurance, lost luggage, delays, etc.

In addition to BelAfrique own public and commercial liability insurance, "Traveler's Name" shall name BelAfrique as an additional insured on its general public and commercial liability insurance. "Traveler's Name" acknowledges BelAfrique has no obligation to maintain insurance on "Traveler's Name's" behalf.

South African Law: The Courts of Cape Town in South Africa are the only ones competent for any litigation that could arise between "Traveler's Name" and BelAfrique. This letter of agreement and its interpretation shall be subject to the laws of South Africa. BelAfrique: acts as an agent or intermediary to arrange the means of transportation, lodging and other services as described. Tickets and other services are subject to the conditions specified by the carriers, hotels, and other suppliers. BelAfrique maintains no control over the personnel, equipment or operations of any carrier, airline, cruise line, hotel, tour company or other supplier. When issued, the passage contract in use by airlines, cruise lines and other carriers will constitute the sole contract between the carriers and the participants. "Traveler's Name" will not hold or seek to hold BelAfrique liable for any cost, expense, loss, damages, or liability arising from claims by "Traveler's name's" participants based on liabilities not undertaken by BelAfrique under this agreement. The responsibility of any carrier to any person participating in the Itinerary is limited to the carrier's contractual and statutory liability as a common carrier.

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