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Adventure & Adrenaline

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing" — Helen Keller

Africa is the home of adventure and there certainly is no shortage of things to do to raise the adrenaline. Nothing beats an African safari to get your pulse racing and your heart pounding. There is something quite primal about looking into the fierce eyes of a lion, even if it is from the safety of your open 4x4 safari vehicle with your experienced ranger right beside you. 

After that, why not take a plunge off a bridge? Zimbabwe has the most iconic Bunjee Jump in the world off Victoria Falls Bridge where your heart will pound as loud as Victoria Falls and your blood will rush as fast as the waters in the Zambezi Gorge. If you consider that to be child's play, then you cannot get a higher commercial Bunjee Jump in the world than Bloukrans in South Africa. 

What about White Water Rafting in some of the largest commercial rapids in the world in the Zambezi Gorge? Or Shark Cage Diving with the ocean's apex predator, the Great White Shark? Ever consider tracking the Big 5 on foot? How about spending the night out in the open in the middle of the African bush with only the stars as company and all the creatures that call out to you in the dark? 

If you have the heart for it, we have the adventure and adrenaline experience just for you!

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