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Fair Trade Tourism

"Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you" — H. Jackson Brown, Jr

We believe passionately in responsible and sustainable tourism. Not only does this approach make the most out of the positive benefits of tourism for everyone involved, but it also gives you, our guests, a richer and more authentic travel experience.

We choose to surround ourselves with like-minded people who share our same philosophy and therefore we choose our partners & suppliers very carefully. Together, we are all working hard to ensure that our joint operations have a long-term positive benefit on Africa's economy, her diverse people and her precious environment.

BelAfrique is a firm supporter of Fair Trade Tourism:

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible tourism in southern Africa and beyond.  The aim of FTT is to make tourism more sustainable by ensuring that the people who contribute their land, resources, labour and knowledge to tourism are the ones who reap the benefits.  This is done by growing awareness about responsible tourism to travellers; assisting tourism businesses to operate more sustainably; and by facilitating a Fair Trade Tourism certification programme across southern Africa.
Tourism businesses that adhere to the FTT standard use the FTT label as a way of signifying their commitment to fair and responsible tourism. This includes fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing and operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and the environment.

All our Experiences in Fair Trade Tourism

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