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Rootz Reggae Route


This is a visit you would not be able to make anywhere else in the world!Reggae has deep roots in Cape Town. It has been the music of political dissent. It has been the music of party-going pleasure. The songs of icons like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh still resonate strongly with the struggles. The writings of Marcus Garvey continue to provide inspiration.The community of Marcus Garvey (the area is named after the great writer and thinker Marcus Garvey) is a Rastafarian community located in Cape Town, South Africa. Every Friday night is Dancehall night in Marcus Garvey, and Rastafarian communities from all over Cape Town come together for a classic late night reggae dance session. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced before, unless you were around in Kingston in the 70s. It is easy going and easily the best party on a Friday night in Cape Town.On a Friday night journey, you will discover more about reggae and Rastafarian culture in Cape Town. You will meet a reggae storyteller who will recount stories about reggae while sharing some Ital Rastafarian snacks. Often you will get to meet a Rastafarian called Alan, who lived in Jamaica at the time that reggae was becoming a worldwide phenomenon. He knew all the pioneering figures, and is full of stories of the characters behind the music. When Alan is not available, you will get to meet a local reggae artist instead.This will give you a taste of Rastafarian life in Cape Town, but then it is time to experience it for yourself. From here you will move across the city to the Marcus Garvey dancehall in Philippi.  Before entering the Dancehall, you will meet some of the elders of the Marcus Garvey community, who will provide you with a little bit of background to the area and the dancehall, and some insight into Rasta as a form of expression.After the dancehall session, you will return to your accommodation, having danced, eaten, listened and taken in a deep breath of reggae in Cape Town, South Africa.

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