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Cape Town Fashion Route


Cape Town is a fashion city to its core. It has a rich history of bespoke tailoring and dressmaking. Everybody’s auntie was a seamstress, and everybody’s uncle ran a fabric wholesaler. This has always been a city of elegant eccentricity. To this day, old school tailors exist all over the city, and, while the bespoke suit is not as in vogue as it once was in the city, a whole new generation of design ideas and innovations make Cape Town something of a fashion capital in Africa.Today cosmopolitan Cape Town has so many designers. You would be surprised at just how many there are in Cape Town, some are household names, some are working out of households. And the level of innovation and surprise is really high.There’s Greer Valley’s Kushn, blending Kente fabrics and local leather into the most beautiful accessories for tech devices. The Movement in Observatory must have the world’s only corridor fashion boutique, in a gracious Victorian semi. Olive Green Cat is blending amber, resin and diamonds into exquisite un-bling jewellery.The Cape Town Fashion Route takes you deep inside the city’s fashion world, meeting designers in their studios and boutiques. The tour is about the stories of Cape Town’s Fashion world. It is a tour suitable for anyone with an interest in fashion, from the high couture fan to the street fashion fan.

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