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Descendants of your Ancestors

Connect with the living descendants of your ancestors on your personal Bushman experience

Long before modern man was trapped behind his desk living a stressful life in a polluted, crowded city, he wondered freely across the plains of Africa with only a bow and arrow for protection against the beasts of the wild.Where nowadays, you need to know your way around a computer to survive in a modern world, there was once a time where your very survival depended on your knowledge of the natural elements, how to hunt with primitive weapons and your skill in exploiting every aspect of your harsh environment.While most of this ancient way of life has vanished throughout the world, swallowed up and demolished by the machinery of modern life, there are still small pockets of populations around the world that still live in this very traditional way.One of these rare communities of indigenous people can be found in the far northern reaches of South Africa. The Bushman of the Kalahari Desert still live a wild life that is far removed from the urban life we now live and BelAfrique offers a rare and unique opportunity for you to experience the culture and traditions of these ancient people in a truly authentic way.What you will get out of this experience is a deeper knowledge about and greater appreciation of the skill and intelligence of this ancient race of people. From their food and music, their stories and language, their culture and traditions… they have a wealth of knowledge, know-how and skills that are almost entirely lost in this modern era.

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