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Table Mountain and Robben Island


Table Mountain and Robben Island. Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each offering their own unique perspectives on history. One is a New Natural Wonder of the World, the other is the former home of prisoner 46664, Mr Nelson Mandela. These two significant places have intriguing stories to tell and no visit to Cape Town could be considered complete without visiting them.Table MountainYour journey will start at the Mountain, because from here you can see the entire city, and its a good idea to start with an overview. You will appreciate having a birds eye view to help shape the story. You’ll begin with a look at the ‘mother in the mountain’, from the foot of Lion’s Head, which provides lovely insight into the city, and from there you’ll ascend Table Mountain itself by cable-way. From here you can see almost to the beginning of time, as your guide maps out the city physically, and in doing so, provides a good introduction to what has happened between the physically spaces of the city, over a long period of time. You will have plenty of time up there to enjoy the elevated perspective, walk about and enjoy the good air. You can also take a short walk up to Maclears Beacon if you’d like, it’s the highest point on Table Mountain.Robben IslandThen it is on to Robben Island, known most famously for being the prison that Nelson Mandela was held in for the best part of 27 years. To visit this prison island is not only to commemorate in some way the actions and change-making decisions of leaders like Mandela, but also to see the city from a different perspective and with a changed mindset.

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