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Beach and Turtles

Witness one of nature’s miracles on a turtle tour in Maputuland

The Elephant Coast along the Indian Ocean shores of South Africa is world famous for its turtle nesting sites. Witness one of nature’s miracles on a turtle tour and gain a greater understanding of these endangered ancient mariners. Although there are a number of turtle species that patrol the warm waters of the Zululand coast, only the loggerhead and leatherback turtles breed in these waters and lay their eggs on these shores. The leatherback is the largest sea turtle and every year in summer the females, along with their cousins the loggerheads, lug their ponderous weight up the beach to lay their clutch of eggs on a moonless summer night. Research has shown that the mother will return to the same beach and lay her eggs within metres of where she herself emerged as a hatchling many years before. Come January or February, their little babies break out of the sanctuary of their eggs and make a mad dash down the beach to the relative safety of the water. To witness these tiny little creatures make the marathon journey through the gauntlet of birds and crabs and other predators joining in on the feast is a miracle of nature and an absolutely awe-inspiring experience.

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